A for Alan Clarke

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i have a new job. i no longer need to wear a suit every day. nor do i want my work mates to think i’m a member of formally popular beat combo ‘the levellers’. so i need some middle ground. i kinda know what im doing but i have some concerns…

    • wearing trainers with a suit. this just feels wrong. the trousers kind of bunch up above the laces and anyway, it’s rather robbie williams.
    • wearing no tie is ok with a suit on. but when you take the jacket off, you have a shirt tucked in and yet no tie. this seems wrong. too maths teacher-y…
    • …or maybe the problem is only having shirts designed to be worn with ties and a different breed of shirt is required?
    • or jumpers. maybe they can solve the shirt tucked-in and no tie conundrum?
    • wearing a jacket and trousers but in a less formal way than a suit. jacket with jeans is far too clarkson.
    • so trousers which are somewhere between the 2? chinos? too david niven. and this isnt burma in the 1950s. cords? too 1960s geologist.
    • and they need to be bootcut to wear them with trainers. so where do they grow?


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