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  1. Tom says:

    I’ll be coming to the pub (sorry – not sure whether this it the right place to RSVP). Looking forward to meeting you all in person.

  2. Vicky Butcher says:

    Id love to come, id better get reading!

  3. Alison Sakai says:

    Yep, noted for both of you! We don’t usually need to know in advance who’s coming but these are strange times and I want to have an idea of numbers for the pub booking. Which I have still not made!

  4. Rukmanie Hodges says:

    Hi there,
    Iā€™d like to RSVP for this too, sorry not sure if this is the right place to respond. I attended BBG a few times many years ago and then moved out of the area so am looking forward to coming along again!

    • Alison Sakai says:

      Hi Rukmanie, welcome back and thanks for the reply! Please keep an eye on here in case there are any updates.

  5. Kerry Merritt says:

    Hi Allison, I’ll also be there šŸ™‚ thanks!

  6. Tom Balfour says:

    Hi Alison and All, any news on which pub we’ll be going to?

    • Alison Sakai says:

      Hi Tom (and anyone else), yes we will be going to the Effra Social. I’ve tried and failed to book it properly, so we will have to wing it, but I think it’ll be OK… I’m going to be there a bit early to assess the best place to sit.

  7. Vicky Butcher says:

    Hi there, what time does it start? Im a newbie….

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