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Rules of Attraction is actually quite funny

Hi there

How are people going with Rules of Attraction. I read it ages ago when I was at Uni but am really enjoying re-reading and am finding it chock full of priceless of lines one of my fave so far is:

“What does this stuff remind you of? Degas? Seurat? Renoir?”
She looks at the canvas and says “Scooby Doo”


4 launched

“We have a forum, an interactive London book groups section, an interactive book rating page; buy books, book reviews, and pub reviews! There will be full details of every book group each month, and you can upload details of your own book groups, if you decide to set one up your self. We hope it will become a great, little book group community! Check it out at

We would like to offer you the chance to join in the fun! It only costs £5 for a 6 month membership; this is just to cover the cost of our new swanky site! If you join the NotJustAnotherBookGroup community by 2nd November 2005 you will get a free ticket to our brilliant launch party on 9th November. The party will be at the Spitz in Spital Fields Market near Liverpool Street, from 7pm.
Plus, if you bring a friend and they join NotJustAnotherBookGroup, you will both get a free glass of wine (not a small one either!).”


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