Christmas Meal

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8 Responses

  1. Matthew says:


    My Friends of the Earth leaving drinks are on the 9th December so maybe Friday 2nd December?

  2. Jo says:

    I’m fairly easy though I do have a party on 16th Dec. Also thinking of having my own party on the 21st to which you will all no doubt be invited in due course. 2nd is good for me or maybe a weeknight.

  3. Pete says:

    2nd is good for me!

  4. anna says:

    2nd is fine for me too – and there are so many places to go in Brixton but I do have a huge affection for Khans but maybe people don’t find it Christmassy enough (but define Christmassy I hear you cry! Well, bad food, paper hats, too much wine, rip off prices and a militant hangover). But Babalou and the restaurant above the Dog star are good (although I accidentally walked into a blind dating event in the aforementioned establishment and only dawned when I realised was the only one not wearing a dress the size of a postage stamp and killer stilettos – hmm, maybe that’s a thought…) anyway, shall we put it to the vote?

  5. Pete says:

    OK – I’ll send round an email suggesting the 2nd of December – since NJABG have just sent one round for their £5 christmas bash.
    I look great in a dress the size of a postage stamp and killer stilettos, but have a soft-spot for Khans (and a place in my speed-dial list as well)
    Perhaps the new place above the dogstar would be good?

  6. dan says:

    I can’t make the 2nd… [insert assorted punctuation marks arranged to be vaguely representative of a sad facial expression here].

    But I guess we’ll be lucky if we can find one date we can all make so am not exercising my veto. Although I spose we could try a spreadsheet…?

  7. Pete says:

    perhaps we could do another date? let me know your prefered dates and i’ll even do a spreadsheet!

  8. Pete says:

    ok after a bit of deliberation we’ve settled on the 14th of December – its a wednesday!

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