I keep losing things..

Had a lovely meeting although Mango Landin is now looking a little bit busy on a Wednesday, so if anyone has any suggestions of somewhere to try (that doesn’t show football) I’m up for a recce, although we will need to test the beer.

Vile bodies went down well – although it was ironic to hear that a gossip columnist has just been appointed to the most read newspaper in the UK.

Book for next time is The Room of Lost Things by Stella Duffy, it’s set in Brixton and is about a dry cleaners.

Runners up were:
A Tale of Two Cities
Under the Skin
Farewell, My Lovely
One Big Damn Puzzler
Human Love
Vernon God Little
For Esme – with Love and Squalor: and Other Stories

as always you can read the book we chose, or read something else as well or instead of and blag your way using Wikipedia (I never do this).

Next meeting: 16th September (probably) in Mango Landin unless you hear otherwise…

In other news: we’re going to be fundraising for RNIB so let me know ideas for events – so far we have: A party where we can wear nice dresses / cake sale / come dine with me / paid film party showing films of book we’ve read / abseil down the side of the British Library – email me or watch this space.

And Clapham Book Group now has a web page – first meeting will be 23rd September in the Bread & Roses pub.


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