Last Exit to Brixton..

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  1. Amber says:

    Hello All,

    As I was travelling back home on the tube last night (a disappointing lack of pimps, drag queens, and junkies on the streets of Brixton for once, by the way; I did feel that, given the book under discussion, the area could have done a bit better. It doesn’t usually have any trouble, after all. But I digress…) I finally got round to reading Selby’s – very interesting – introduction to LETB in which he explains that at the end of The Queen Is Dead, Georgette does actually die (from an overdose, apparently). Anyhoo, there was some debate as to whether that was the case, although now I think about it I suppose the chapter heading is a bit of a clue. Sadly, he doesn’t say anything about Tralala or Harry…

    (I was going to try and write this posting in the style of Hubert Selby Jnr, but the habit of punctuation is just too engrained in me. Sorry!)

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