Strong and stable sellouts in their personal interest

Hello everyone,
we had a lively and packed discussion to talk about the impending doom of our one state country Essex Serpent where we talked about jolly penis metaphors, how old the tube is (although it was only called the tube after 1900 when the Central Line was opened and it was nicknamed the twopenny tube for it’s flat fare and cylindrical layout) and how nice it would be to go and visit Essex. Pete made a weird comment about the monster origins of Godzilla and plenty of beer was drunk.


Book for next time is The Sellout by Paul Beatty and we’re meeting on Wednesday* 24th of May in the Effra Social at 7.33pm

*note that as it’s a Wednesday we might have to meet in the main room so we don’t have a clash royale with the Knitting Group

Runners up included: Nora Webster, The Pursuit of Love, Use of Weapons, Kindred, The Penultimate Truth, When Breath Becomes Air, The Stranger in the Wood, The Invention of Nature & Norwegian Wood.

Don’t be disheartened you can always pitch again and again!

Plus at some point this summer we really need to talk about our long read: Infinite Jest.



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