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We can be Heros (of our time)

After a burning discussion of Fahernheit 451 we decided on A Hero of our Time by Mikhail Iur’evich Lermontov

It’s short and modern, and you’ve got 4 weeks to read it since the next meeting is on the 22nd of October.

Runners up were (in no particular order)
The fish can sing – Halldor Laxless
Then kill your friends – Jon Niven
How green was my valley – Richard Llwellyn
The way I found you – Rose Tremaine

Dirt music – Tim Winton
Jude the obscure – Thomas Hardy
Under Milk Wood – Dylan Thomas
Something from the Bible
The Night Watch – Sarah Waters
Shire hell – by the idiot’s sister

As a special bonus you can also read Did I ever tell you how lucky you are by Dr Seuss. It’ll do you good.


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