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Pure and simple

Lovely to see a great turnout again, including the (almost) fictional Pete.

We had an interesting discussion about the Poisonwood bible, which lived up to it’s reputation as being a really good book fro book groups to read.

Now you know what shaped leaf to avoid in the jungle

The book for next time is Pure and we’ll be meeting on Thursday 15th of March in Mango Landin from 7.30ish.

Runners up were The Autumn of the Patriarchs, What is the What, The Bone People, Zeitoun, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, The Tale of Two Cities, We need to Talk about Kevin and King Leopald’s Ghost.

(and as a slight plug – something I mentioned about the Congo’s debt – the UK brought in a law to stop vulture funds using our courts to prey on developing countries. However this doesn’t yet apply to Jersey. Right now, vulture fund FG Hemisphere is using Jersey’s courts to claim $100m from the Democratic Republic of Congo. They bought this debt for just $3.3m.  – there’s more info about that and an action here )


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