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Lambeth Country Show – Book group meet up

It is the highlight of the Brixton calendar, the Lambeth Country Show! Who wants to come along to see vegetable animals, camel racing, reggae, chucklehead cider etc etc? (You do not have to read a book first for this one)

Full info here: http://lambethcountryshow.co.uk

Meeting place: by the scarecrows if dry, in the flower zone tent if rainy (current forecast is a little dodgy) – basically in the Flower Zone on this map:
Date: Sunday 20th
Time: 2.30-3.00ish

I am hoping that gives time to meet up, see the vegetables, get a drink, watch some camel racing, maybe some jousting, and some music, but we can see how it goes!

Let me know if you’re coming so I know who I’m looking out for! Also happy to set up additional meeting points/times if anyone wants to come later or whatever? I just know from experience it’s best to have an advance plan as the phone networks get a bit iffy.

See you there!


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