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Book group perks if you sponsor Pete

I don’t normally put pleas for cash on the website (Brixton Book Group is free and always will be) but every now and again one of our members does something stupid for charity so I stick it on the website with an ask for help.

This time it’s me and I’m cycling in the London 100 to raise cash for Prostate Cancer UK. This will be the furthest I’ve ever ridden but it’s a cause I really care about and I want to raise as much as possible.

I'm reading a book on a bike

I’m reading a book on a bike

I imagine the first 25 miles will be quite fun. It’s when I hit about 60 the pain will start. I think my bum will hurt a lot. I’m probably going to have to cycle more than 100 miles (to get to the start which is in the Docklands) so you’re actually getting a lot of extra miles free. There is a big hill in Surrey which I’ll have to cycle up as well.

Please sponsor me here

For extra fun (and because I want a book angle to post it here) I’d like to offer Book Group members these exclusive amazing perks if you sponsor me!

For £12.38 (or more*) I’ll pitch your book at the meeting of your choice.

Could be next meeting. Could be at some point in the future. I will pitch absolutely anything to the best of my ability. You might be one of our members who lives in another country and you want in on the action. Or maybe you’ve secretly wanted to pitch 50 shades of grey for months now and are too embarrassed. Or maybe you’re Will Self and you want us to read your book –  this is your chance!

*the more you pledge, the more extravagant my pitch.

For £23.56 (or more) I’ll do a book group doodle in the style of your choice. 

OK my drawings are a bit messy (especially after a few pints) but I will stretch the limits of my ability to create a unique artwork, just for you.

Sponsor more than £35.94 and you can claim both perks. Just drop me a line if you make a donation, let me know the perk you want to claim and thank you very much.

Talking of epic journeys, our next meeting is on the 31st of July where we’ll be discussing the Odyssey. I’m reading the unique perspective provided by the graphic novel version if that helps.

Thanks, Pete.


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