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Brixton Book Group Christmas Party

Christmas is coming, and that can only mean one thing*, it’s time for Brixton Book Group to have a drink, eat a curry, have a book secret santa, and vote for the best book we read in 2016.**

Our Christmas party will be on Wed Dec 14th. We’ll meet at our usual haunt, Effra Social, then head over the road to Khans for a curry at approximately 8.30. Khan’s is BYO, and has an off licence next door. Everyone is welcome, please try to RSVP if you’re coming so I can give approximate numbers to Khans.

There won’t be any book to discuss before this meeting, though there may be final arguments about who will win the coveted title of best book we’ve read in 2016 (do we normally set up a list or poll for this or something?? Pete??)

There will also be a book Secret Santa – if you want to take part bring along a wrapped up book. It can be old or new, big or small. Anyone putting a book in Santa’s sack also gets to take one out. Guaranteed significantly better than the Secret Santa you have to do at work.

Our next normal book group meeting will be in January, I’ll set up that event separately.

*Obviously it means more than one thing, but I’m trying to focus
** In fact that’s 4 things straight away


Brixton Book Group Christmas Party

Here are the details:

  •  It’s on Tuesday 15th of December
  •  Meet in Effra Social for a drink as usual any time from around 7.
  • We’ll head over to Khans at 8.30 for a curry. It’s BYO, there is an offie next door.
  • There will probably be additional drinks back at Effra Social or somewhere close by afterwards.

Try to RSVP if you’re coming – if it’s a big group I’ll give Khans a call to give them an idea how many are coming. If you won’t be along till later on just catch us up along the way.

Other highlights:

*Book Secret Santa* – if you’d like to take part just wrap up a book (new/used/whatever) and bring it along to go in Santa’s sack. If you put one in you get a different one out. Pete may or may not dress as Santa.

*Book Prize* – Argument over short list for the 2015 Brixton Book Group Award Winning Book Prize Award Golden Medal for best book we’ve read in 2015, followed by announcement of the winner of the 2015 Brixton Book Group Award Winning Book Prize Award Golden Medal for best book we’ve read in 2015.

I’m sure me or Pete (probably Pete) will figure out some sort of voting mechanism for the long list soon…

All welcome! Hope to see you there.

PS Next proper meet up is on 14th January full details.


Christmas meal plans

Hi – the official Brixton Book Group Christmas dinner is on Wednesday 9th December – meet in Mango Landin at 7pm and then on to Khan’s for a curry

  • bring a book and wrap it up for the secret santa book swap
  • watch out for special guest appearances!
please let me know numbers – rsvp on facebook or by email!

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