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47 possible endings.. what would be yours?

Tudor roses are red (white) background is blue..

Lovely meeting in the garden this week where we chatted about Wolf Hall *spoiler* everyone dies at the end. Worth finishing if you haven’t quite managed it, and the sequel is supposed to be better. Thomas Cromwell definitely has the look of someone who gets things done.

Book for next time is A Farewell to Arms – the vintage classics is the version with the 47 alternate endings.

For a bit of optional fun (and in the spirit of a radio 4 discussion I heard whilst half awake one morning) we’ll be discussing alternative endings, so if you’d like to think up your own ending for a Farewell to Arms come prepared to the next meeting.

We’ll be meeting on Thursday the 15th of August in Mango Landin from 7.30ish – so you can finish Wolf Hall if you haven’t already.

And just a reminder that we’re meeting at Brockwell Park this weekend to go to the country fair and watch the camel racing and animal vegetable competition. Details are on the facebook page.

Edit: The Vintage Classics edition with the 47 additional endings mentioned above isn’t out in paperback yet – you can buy it in hardback or alternatively if you have a kindle this version: A Farewell to Arms: The Hemingway Library Edition has the 1948 introduction and the endings (have downloaded to check!)


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