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Loving geeks*?

We had a quieter meeting than usual to discuss the Die-Hard in space that is the Martian. It was a fun read but opinions were mixed about the science versus the fiction and some felt it missed an opportunity to explore the desolateness of human existence. Although if fixing spaceships with duct-tape sounds like your ideal weekend you’ll love it!.

A hab is all fine but where's the Mars bar?

A hab is all fine but where’s the Mars bar?

Book for next time is: Geek Love by Katherine Dunn.

Books suggested were: Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto, A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson, Monkey’s Uncle by Jenni Diski, A Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey, The Last Runaway by  Tracy Chevalier and All the Light we Cannot See by Anthony Doeer.

Most of the books suggested were by female authors – although we don’t have any rules (apart from the one about turning up to the next meeting if your nominated book wins) it is notable that 29% of the books we’ve ever read have been written by women.

Next meeting is on the 25th of June in the Effra Social – and if you’d like to nominate a book for our ultra-long-summer-read please think of one to suggest – this will be in addition to our regular book suggestions and will be one to take on holiday and read while on the beach.

*not that sort of Geek apparently.


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