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Bring up the bodies…

We had loads of people come and chat about the surprisingly modern Dangerous Liaisons, and after two rounds of voting and a coin toss the book for next time is:

I’m shattered

Bring up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel – here’s a link to the eBook or order it from a local bookshop.

We read the previous book in the trilogy a while back, although this does stand up well on it’s own. As it’s a longer book we’ll be meeting on the 31st of October in the spooky Mango Landin.

Finally – just to add I’m no longer going to be linking to books on Amazon – instead I’m using Hive which uses local bookshops instead.


Wolf Hall

We met to discuss the Left Hand of Darkness – maybe a little disappointed  although the escaping across the ice bits were good.

This makes total sense if you have the first edition. Which no-one has.

The book for next time is Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel (which no-one really pitched, but there you go) runners up were The Blind Assassin, Snow, American Gods, Skagboys and Flight Behaviour.

As it’s a long book the next meeting is in 4 weeks time – Thursday 18th July in Mango Landin.

We’re also going to the Lambeth Country Show on the 20/21st July – watch out for info on facebook.


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