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The journey I had getting here

We had a great discussion about the trials and tribulations of Odysseus, 6 headed monsters, whirlpools, being stuck in a cave with nobody, sheep obsessed cyclops, shipwrecks and actually spending most of the time ‘trapped’ on an island with an eternally beautiful goddess.

We also wondered what our special skill would be to prove it was really us, and what secret only we would know about our respective homes.

odyssey book group doodle

Pop quiz: were you paying attention? which one is Scylla and which is Charybdis


The book for next time is the graphic novel Palestine by Joe Sacco.

Runners up were The Reader, American Gods, Revenge, The Killing and A Girl is a Half Formed thing.

In order to fulfil our one and only rule (that the person who suggests the book turns up at the next meeting to face the music)
we will be meeting to talk about Palestine on the 4th of September in the Effra Social from 7.30pm

Because that’s a long way away we’ll also be having an informal meet up on the 13th of August to talk about any book you like.

Finally (personal plug again sorry) please sponsor Pete’s epic 100 mile cycle Odyssey you can even do it by text by sending PEET79 £10 to 70070 

thank you to everyone who’s sponsored me so far –  just let me know what doodles / books you’d like pitched!


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