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We had a busy Wednesday meeting where we chatted about brain surgery, brain surgeons with gigantic hands, getting a selfie from the St George’s red sofa (you know who you are, and you promised so we want to see it) and the fine line between arrogance and genius. Mostly we enjoyed reading Do no Harm.

going on forever

going on forever

Book for next time is Immortality by Milan Kundera which for you Kindle owners is only available in dead tree format. Much has been promised for this book, so it should be a good discussion!

Runners up included: I love DICK, The Ocean and the End of the Lane, Ubik, The Martian, The Rosie Project, Summer Lightning, The Good Earth & Elizabeth is Missing.

At this point I’d like to mention that repeat book suggestions are always welcome, and we had a particularly strong list this time.

Next meeting is on Thursday 19th of March in the Effra Social from 7.30ish, everyone is always welcome.


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