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Millions of tiny plays about Britain which is actually quite short and we should be able to finish in time

Hi all,
apologies for missing the meeting! so no doodle this time – thanks to Kinga for the update!

I am informed that mostly everyone liked Freedom (I generally enjoyed it, although I’m wondering if Walter’s slightly crazy population / mountain top removal ideas get their¬†comeuppance but I haven’t got there yet) one member even wrote a review, which is fantastic.

Book for next time is One Million Tiny Plays About Britain¬†and we’re meeting on Wednesday the 7th of December in Mango Landin.

The other thing I really wanted to ask was whether or not everyone was up for having some sort of Christmas party – normal tradition is a curry at Khan’s followed by some random book swapping (but we don’t really have traditions so any feel free to suggest absolutely anything). I’d suggest the 14th?


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