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Can he fix it?

We had¬†another packed meeting crammed into the Churchill Room last night – hopefully next time we won’t clash with a gig by a band at least one person has heard from, although it was the rowdy Brixton knitting group we need to be wary of next time. At least some of you had read Resurrection and here’s the happy rainbow rendition of the book cover:

No spelling mistakes here...

No spelling mistakes here…

The book for next time is The Martian¬†by Andy Weir – runners up included the Rosie Project, The Riddle of the Sands, So you’ve been publicly shamed, Far from the Madding crowd, Pete can’t spell, The Colour of Magic and the Savage Detectives.

Next meeting is Thursday the 28th of May in the Effra Social from 7.30ish as usual.


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