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The Third Policeman

Happy new year everyone! we more or less outnumbered everyone else in the Effra Social where we discussed (mostly) His Dark Materials, which I think most people enjoyed. Who needs God anyway?

It's not a compass it's an Alethiometer

It’s not a compass it’s an Alethiometer

Book for next time is The Third Policeman by Flann O’Brien and we will be meeting on Thursday 11th of February in the Effra Social (so you have loads of time!)

Runners up included: Maus, Persuasion, Pattern Recognition (the Blue Ant trilogy), Nights at the Circus, Now you have been publicly shamed, Dracula, Trigger Warning & Flashboys.



Nearly New year’s resolutions

Hello everyone, and apologies with the delay in getting things going in the new year (something to do with starting a job in another city). I’m sure like many of you I’ve resolved to do lots more reading and have a very long commute to make the most of (every cloud).

The book for this time is The Third Policeman well at least I think it is. If not it looks interesting anyway and we can vote on what to read next.
We’re meeting on a Thursday 4th Feb in Mango Landin from about 7.30ish – everyone and anyone is welcome.
Happy new year!

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