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The End of Vandalism

Just when I thought it was going to be a quiet one, we had a bumper meeting to talk about the day-dreamy shifting timescape that is Sexing the Cherry. Although a few of us felt the lingering suspicion that perhaps there was some deeper point to the whole thing that we were missing, it was an enjoyable ride anyway and the 12 flying dancers were cool.

Sexing the Cherry

Yes they’re meant to be 12 flying dancers. I’ve had a long week ok?

The book for next time is The End of Vandalism by Tom Drury (also available from the Crystal Palace Bookshop as a signed copy).

Runners up included: The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham, The Grass Arena by John Healy, Walking on Glass by Iain Banks, You will be Publically Shamed by Jon Ronson, and the Minaturist by Jessie Burton.

Next meeting is in the Effra Social on the 13th of August at 7.30ish.

As an exciting bonus reading / eclectic adventure idea The Riddle of the Sands adventure club website and podcast is available here. Now where is my hat?


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