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When We Were Orphans

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  1. Pete says:

    Hi all,
    we’ve had a request from Japanese state TV to come and film our 3rd March meeting this week for a documentary they’re making about Kazuo Ishiguro – they’ve got permission from Mango Landin and I have explained the casual pub-based nature of the group and they’re cool with that.
    If you don’t want to be filmed just let them know and they’ll make sure you’re not in frame.
    They’ve also asked if it’s possible to interview a couple of us about the book and why we chose it, so if you fancy becoming big in Japan let me know!
    I’m going to try and get there a little bit earlier (7pm work permitting) for a 7.30 start and they should be finished by 9.
    Hopefully it shouldn’t get in the way of the normal meeting – apologies if it does (they did ask very nicely). The programme is due to go out in April and they’ll send us a DVD so we can have some sort of Gala premiere.

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